Not the best start

I woke up today feeling awful because I caught a cold and it really struck me. After some hesitation, I got out of bed and I had breakfast with a latte and some biscotti. Yum! Then I took an aspirin and I slowly went to my study space but I couldn’t focus. So I decided to cut myself some slack but I was just getting more and more tired, making myself regretting my decision. I thought “I can’t let myself go this way”, and what better way to overcome this than working for short periods of time?

After some on and off attention, I just had to lay down because my head was exploding. I knew I had to go out in the afternoon so I wanted to get some sleep. Why did I get sick now? It’s the worst moment of the year! It’s finals season and I have to be in my best shape to pass the tests…

There’s not much else to say today…

Till my next one,

Clarissa 🙂


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