It’s been a while…

Hello again folks! I’m sorry I didn’t post anything in the last few weeks but to be honest, life just got in the way. I needed time to focus on my exams and when classes restarted, I was too burned out to get back into blogging, now I’m still struggling to keep up with the workload, but I have more energy. The biggest factor when it comes to sucking your energy away is going back and forth every weekend from my apartment to my parents’ house. I’m thinking about not doing it every weekend but my parents really want to see me as much as possible so I don’t know when this is going to happen. I hope soon though.

Anyway, this is just a brief post while I’m trying to come up with deeper topics to talk about.

Till my next one,




Not the best start

I woke up today feeling awful because I caught a cold and it really struck me. After some hesitation, I got out of bed and I had breakfast with a latte and some biscotti. Yum! Then I took an aspirin and I slowly went to my study space but I couldn’t focus. So I decided to cut myself some slack but I was just getting more and more tired, making myself regretting my decision. I thought “I can’t let myself go this way”, and what better way to overcome this than working for short periods of time?

After some on and off attention, I just had to lay down because my head was exploding. I knew I had to go out in the afternoon so I wanted to get some sleep. Why did I get sick now? It’s the worst moment of the year! It’s finals season and I have to be in my best shape to pass the tests…

There’s not much else to say today…

Till my next one,

Clarissa 🙂

The start of my journey

Hi everybody! I decided to create this blog to document my journey towards a balanced lifestyle and a healthy body.

My current goals are lose 40kg (88lbs), gain physical resistance and stay on track with my university exams.

After graduating from university, my dream is to move to Toronto (Canada) and attend grad school there to start a new life. I probably should’ve mentioned that I’m Italian right?

Jokes aside, I am Italian, I’m 19 years old and I’m a freshman in university.

I want to keep this intro short and sweet because I think it’s better if you get to know me as time goes by.

Till my next one,

Clarissa 🙂